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T.P Kailasam

Kailasam was born in a Tamil family in southern Karnataka, India. His father, T. Paramasiva Iyer, was employed as munsif in the Mysore state service and progressed to become the Chief Justice of the Mysore High Court. His father’s brother was the Madras High Court judge, Sir T. Sadasiva Iyer.[1] Kailasam had a good education […]

Santa Shishunaala Sharif

Shishunala Sharif (Kannada: ಸಂತ ಶಿಶುನಾಳ ಶರೀಫ, 1819–1889) was a saint poet, philosopher and social reformer from the state of Karnataka in India.[1] His compositions of tatvapada (moral poems) are in Kannada language. Sharif is recognised as the first Muslim poet in Kannada literature.[2] Shishunala Sharif was born on 3 July 1819 in Shishuvinahala, a village […]


Purandara Dāsa (Kannada: ಪುರಂದರ ದಾಸ)[1] (1484–1564) is a prominent composer of Dasa Sahithya, a poetic form of the Madhwa philosophy and one of the chief proponents of the South Indian system of music called the Carnatic Music. In honor of his significant and legendary contributions to Carnatic Music, he is widely referred to as the […]

Masti Venkatesh Iyengar

Maasthi Venkatesa Iyengar (6 June 1891 – 6 June 1986) was a well-known writer in Kannada language. He was the fourth among Kannada writers to be honored with the Jnanpith Award,[1] the highest literary honor conferred in India.[2] He was popularly referred to as Maasti Kannadada Aasti which means Maasti is Kannada’s Treasure. He is […]


Kuppali Venkatappa Puttappa (29 December 1904 – 9 November 1994),[1] popularly known by the pen name Kuvempu or by K. V. Puttappa, was a Kannada novelist, poet, playwright, critic and thinker. He is widely regarded as the greatest Kannada poet of the 20th century. He is the first among Kannada writers to be decorated with the […]

K. S. Narasimhaswamy

Dr. K. S. Narasimhaswamy (26 January 1915 – 27 December 2003) was a prominent Indian poet in the Kannada language. His most popular collection of poems Mysooru Mallige has seen more than thirty two reprints[1] and sought as an ideal gift for newly married couples in Karnataka.[2] Narasimhaswamy has been conferred many prestigious awards including […]

K.S. Nissar Ahmad

He is a post-graduate in Geology who worked as an Assistant Geologist in The Mysore Mines and Geology at Gulbarga before coming in touch with Kuvempu and was invited to the Kannada poets’ meet during Dasara festival in 1959. He worked as a lecturer in Geology in Central College, Bangalore and then in Chitradurga. Later, […]

H.S Venkatesh Murthy

.S. Venkatesha Murthy (1944), popularly known as HSV, is a leading luminary among the present-day Kannada poets and playwrights. He was born to conservative parents Smt. Nagarathnamma and Sri. Narayana Bhatta in a remote village Hodigere of Channagiri Taluk Davanagere district. HSV had his schooling at his native village and later studied in Holalkere followed […]

Gopalakrishna Adiga

Adiga was born in the coastal village of Mogeri, Udupi district, in state of Karnataka. After completing his primary education in Mogeri and Baindooru, he attended high school in Kundapur, 14 miles away from his village. His education would have ended after high school, but for the foresight of his aunt, who, against the will […]